Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Looking for Food Safety Training?  Upcoming Retail Food Requirement!

One of the major differences between the current Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations and the 2013 FDA Food Code is the requirement to have a Certified Food Protection Manager on staff.  While not required in all establishments, the majority of Retail Food Establishments will have to meet this new requirement.  According to the 2013 FDA Food Code, at least one employee that holds supervisory responsibility over food preparation practices must be a Certified Food Protection Manager who has demonstrated knowledge by passing a test as part of an accredited program.  To read about accredited food protection manager certification programs and to find a link to a directory of currently accredited programs, visit the ANSI webpage below:
If your management team does not currently have certification from an accredited program or if you have questions regarding your certifications, please reach out to your routine health inspector for more information.  There may be an extended implementation date to allow for retail food establishments to comply with this requirement once the regulation transition takes effect, but we want to update you on this new requirement as soon as possible.

Jefferson County Public Health provides basic food safety training through our “Excellence in Food Safety” class.   While it is a great class for food handlers, it does not meet the requirement of an accredited Certified Food Protection Manager program.  

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